swimming 2016

In swimming  one thing that I learnt was survival back stroke.

The hardest thing was sculling.

I am most proud of breaststroke.

care values 2016 term4

  1. I know how to share my care values at school because I help my friends and other people.
  2.  the care value  that is most important in the class room is respect other right to learn.
  3. here is a picture of me showing that care value

     the end by jacob.c

integrated learning

The idea I am presenting is a silent room
I am presenting this by doing a slide show
I think the school should use this idea because people can learn

persuasive writing

We are learning to write persuasively.  Three features of persuasive writing I know about are.

  1. you have to use interesting words
  2. convincing people to do what you are saying
  3. having a good argument
by Jacob C

my writing goal

My righting goal is to concentrate more.
Something I Am going to listen more care fully.

Reading our class novel

As a class we read the novel Best Mate by Michael Morpurgo.
The best thing about this book was when best mate was saved from the river.
A question I have for the author is why are all your books based on animals?
I am feeling great to start reading the BFG.

visual art

last week I did a collage  showing New Zealand  native forest and it is really cool.
The three animal that I were kiwi,fantail and possum.
The thing of my art hat I  am proud of are  my trees,possum and leaves

BY Jaco C

Integrated Learning

In Integrated Learning we are learning   about animals and a question I have is... How many different speeches of animal are there in the wold

reading food labels

. look at serve size to make shore we don't eat to Mach

Instructional writing

The four features of instructional writing are:
  1.  Title
2.  List of equipment
3. Instructions
4. Picture or diagram
Really easy to think up😇
Spend more time on it😔

CARE goals 2016

goals                                                                          concentrate on the speaker

Care vuels